Our Vision

To bring good beer to good people

Our Story

Simple beginnings
A love for good beer and good company sparked the idea to start brewing beer for brother in-laws Justin Tredo and Brent Bishop.  Beginning in Justin’s parents kitchen, the brothers began brewing small batches of beer using extract kits.  Quickly, they started experimenting with partial mash and then all-grain batches. Batches grew from 1 gallon to 5 gallons to 10 gallons.  Brewing soon moved to Brents home in Chase Mills. In an old machine shop, the brothers revamped the space into a rudimentary brewery. Larger equipment was purchased and fabricated. The beer experimentation began.  On a limited, self funded budget, the brewery grew from 10 gallons to 2 barrel.  Long nights brewing led to serious conversations about making the dream of a retail brewery into a reality. Driven by passion for good beer, In-Law Brewing Company strives to bring high quality craft beer to northern New York and beyond.  In-law Brewing is excited to share this exciting experience with customers and to begin this venture in our community.